b. 1993 | Augusta, GA

Katie Beall is an artist living and working in Atlanta, Georgia whose work consists of time-based installations, sculptures, and videos. She has exhibited in New York, Atlanta, and Lacoste, France.

Artist Statement:

My work focuses on the idea of disintegration and the fragility of life. As I explore this process of entropy, I also examine our limited perception and understanding of time and our own existence.  The driving force behind my work is the anxiety caused by the deterioration of mind and body, and the simultaneous beauty of this universally shared experience.

As the impetus of the work is on the life itself, the process becomes more important than the product. I use paint to further question the futile, yet seemingly biological, human obsession with permanence; with creating something that outlasts oneself. Through pouring paint and peeling it off of a surface, the paint becomes an object. An object that is capable of movement and life. After my limited manipulation of the paint, I allow only natural forces to effect the work. The work has a life of it’s own that is then slowly worn down by gravity and time. The perception of time always seems to be that it is passing slowly, yet the life of the paint rarely lasts more than a few days. Our narrow perspective in which we view our lives affects our perception of our existence in the same way. The paint’s life then begins to mimic our own. It allows us to see the beauty and profundity of our own deterioration and understanding.